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Danielle (Dani) Coleman


Dani has experience working in the humanitarian sector in the Cayman Islands and overseas, specifically in areas relating to disaster response & risk reduction and human rights. Having qualified as an Attorney in 2004, Dani left the legal world to assist in a dive recovery program in post Tsunami, Thailand. She has since worked with the Human Rights Committee, Cayman HospiceCare, the British Red Cross, Cayman Islands Red Cross and is a member of the IFRC's Global Emergency Response Unit and the Americas Regional Intervention Team.

As HMCI Director, she is responsible for Strategic planning, budgets, developing relationships with key stakeholders (locally and internationally), coordinating HMCI's activities and delivering a comprehensive disaster management program.

Dani holds both a Masterís degree in Law and one in Understanding and Securing Human Rights and is a Rotary International Peace Fellow. Dani loves travelling, yoga and spending time with her family and close friends.

David Broughton

Deputy Director - Head of Operations, Response and Recovery

Over the last 30 years David has worked in various senior managerial roles within four different Fire & Rescue Services both within Scotland and England and as a Hazardous Materials & Incident Command Tutor at the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK, where he spent four years teaching emergency planning, incident command and business continuity management, primarily within the UK but also within the Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya and the USA.

For the last three years since leaving the Fire & Rescue Service, he worked as the Head of Emergency Planning, Fire and Business Continuity Management for BAE Systems Submarines, predominantly based in Barrow-in-Furness but also with responsibility for various other locations across the UK and for providing advice and assistance to HMNB Gibraltar and the Civil Contingencies Coordinator within the Gibraltar Government. David holds a Masterís Degree in Crisis and Disaster Management, a Bachelorís degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations, and is certified in Business Continuity Management.

Simon Boxall

Awareness and Communications Officer

Simon has a degree in communications and a City and Guilds Diploma in Leadership and Management. He has been with HMCI for over ten years and is often involved in training and public awareness activities including the CERT program, media activities and the schools outreach program.

He is usually found at events where HMCI meets with members of the public and sets up a display. He is also HMCI's Information Manager and is certified in Business Continuity Management.

Simon is very interested in the history and science of hazards, and is passionate about keeping people safe from the threats we face.

Teresita DaSilva

Preparedness and Planning Officer

Teresita joined HMCI in January 2017 as the Preparedness and Planning Officer to assist in the development, coordination, and promotion of disaster preparedness planning and risk reduction programs.

Through her work with the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps she previously served as a call taker in the NEOC from 2009-2016. In this role she compiled critical information needed to manage an emergency. Teresita's passion for community service and the safety of her country led her to pursue a career in disaster management.

Teresita earned a Bachelorís degree in Public Policy and Management from York University, Canada; and a Masterís Degree in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management from Leicester University, UK. She is also a seasoned Cadet Officer earning the rank of Lieutenant and an experienced outdoorswoman who enjoys anything that involves camping. She also enjoys cooking, exercising and traveling.

Lennox Vernon

Telecommunications and Logistics Manager

Lennox joined the civil service 1997 after working in the banking industry. This began his public safety career Ė that spans over two decades - as a communications professional. During his tenure he gained operational skills, administrative knowledge and management experience performing various roles with the public safety communications center (9-1-1). He garnered a great deal of understanding for all emergency service entities (Police, EMS and Fire), other support agencies (DoA, CUC, etc.) and Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) through work-related interactions and training sessions.

Through Governmentís Secondment program, in 2017 he began working directly with HMCI team. The opportunity allowed him to grow and develop professionally whilst gaining better understanding for the national emergency and/or disaster mechanism. The placement also fostered the prospect of strengthening the operational bridge between both agencies.

During his time with HMCI he has worked on a number of significant projects including: developing an alternative facility for DPSC at the Government Administration Building; reorganization of HMCIís main warehouse - used for relief distribution; implementation of a telephone environment for Casualty Bureauís Crisis Hub and the National Emergency Notification System.

In 2019 Lennox officially joined the HMCI team. At the moment he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the Civil Service College. He encourages jovial and vibrant team-oriented atmospheres at work; and at home enjoys spending time with family and watching sporting events (particularly basketball).

Mark Codling

Mitigation Officer

Mark is the Hazard Mitigation Officer and is responsible for developing, implementing and mainitaining disaster risk management polices, procedures and programs to reduce the effects of hazards in the Cayman Islands; especially as they relate to the national development process.

Mark holds a Masterís Degree in Disaster Management from the University of Auckland, New Zealand with a specialization in Transport Infrastructure Resilience and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Technology, Jamaica. He has implemented WebGIS projects across several public sector organizations in the Caribbean and New Zealand in the areas of electric utility, land management, social development, disaster and emergency management.

Leanna Rivers-Myles

Executive Officer

Leanna is the Executive Officer of HMCI. She is responsible for issuing Government Identification cards, finance and accounts, equipment loans and Administration. Leanna holds an Executive Level Certificate in Certified Business Professional from IMPT. She is hoping to obtain her CBP Master Executive certificate in the near future.

Leanna is married with 2 children and in her spare time she enjoys watching Green Bay Packers, fishing, traveling and spending time with her family.

Adan Powell-Jeffries

Logistics and Operations Officer

Adan Powell- Jeffries role at Hazard Management Cayman Islands is to provide information, and source, store and distribute resources, especially during and after a crisis. He also helps Government agencies, departments and NGOs stay connected during an event, where a multi-agency deployment is needed. Adan has more than 13 years of experience working in public safety in the Cayman Islands. His experience includes various aspects of planning, organizing, and administration of emergency response operations.

He began his career at the Cayman Islands Fire Service in 2008 as a Fire Officer and later became a certified fire instructor. He gained an extensive understanding of emergency services through his prior positions at the Department of Public Safety Communications (911) and the Health Services Authority as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Adan has an Associate Degree in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Management. He joined HMCI in 2021.

Nassaria Thompson

Secondment to HMCI Logistics from RCIPS

Nassaria is a serving Police Officer with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) and has been seconded to work at HMCI to act as a Liaison Officer between the two agencies and to review and update the Continuity of Operations Plan for the RCIPS. This Plan is a critical document for ensuring the RCIPS delivers its critical functions, even after a major impact such as a hurricane or earthquake.

She has been with the RCIPS for over seven (7) years, and during that time she has worked in several departments including: frontline in West Bay and George Town, Volume Crime Unit/Case File Management Unit, Staff Office, Service Delivery and the Major Events Planning Unit. During the COVID-19 Pandemic she was tasked with ensuring the RCIPS rosters, resources and deployments were efficiently managed.

Tiffany Rankine

Secondment to HMCI Logistics from RCIPS

Tiffany joined HMCI in May 2021 as a Preparedness, Logistics and Operations Officer through a secondment opportunity. She is primarily employed by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service as a Crime Scene Investigator where she joined in 2017. Tiffany holds an Associateís degree in Natural Sciences from UCCI and is pursuing her Bachelorís degree in Investigative Forensics through the University of Maryland Global Campus. In 2020, Tiffany successfully completed the Mass Casualty Management training facilitated by HMCI. This training sparked her interest in the Disaster preparedness, planning and mitigation.