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Develop a Hurricane Response Plan for Your Business

Appoint a hurricane preparedness/response coordinator, record name, specifics of role, and contact information.

Your plan should include the following elements:

  • Name of your hurricane preparedness/response coordinator, with specifics of his/her role, and contact information.
  • The name and post of the person(s) who will activate the plan and state what situation will trigger the activation of the plan.
  • List of other essential staff and their roles and contact information.
  • List of all reporting relationships and who has decision-making authority
  • All actions to be taken before, during each phase of storm, and after.
  • List of who should be contacted within and outside the organization, including
    • Electrical services
    • Plumbing services
    • A/C services
    • Security services
    • Janitor/building maintenance
    • Insurance companies
  • List of vital records - these are paper and electronic documents essential to continue the business, including those records necessary to maintain your legal and financial position and those necessary to preserve the rights/status of your clients and customers.
  • Outline steps to be taken to keep vital records safe (including backing up electronic files, packaging, storage off-site or in a 'safe area' within your building).
  • List of non-vital records, specialty equipment, vehicles and other assets and steps to be taken to secure these.
  • List measures you will take to secure the building (including shuttering, clearing compounds, sand bagging doors, etc.).
  • List persons whom staff should contact and locations to which they should report after the All Clear is given and they have attended to their personal needs.
  • Ensure staff become familiar with the plan through instruction and periodic drills.
  • Keep at least one copy of the plan in the building, readily available in case of disaster.
  • Keep another copy outside the building, e.g. at the home of the disaster reaction coordinator or other safe location.
  • Ensure insurance is adequate and up-to-date.

Last Updated: 2010-08-15