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Tips for Fishermen and Boaters

Tips for Fishermen and Boaters Before the onset of a tropical storm or hurricane it is very important for fishermen and boat owners to secure their boats and equipment. The following precautions should be followed:

  • Boat moorings, anchors, chains, cables and ropes should be kept in a good condition and rechecked well in advance.
  • Monitor and listen to the radio for regular weather reports, warnings and marine notices.
  • Remove fish pots and gear from the water at the first warning.
  • Remove boats from the water if you can, or take them to one of the approved marine shelters.
  • If possible, move boats or trailers close to your house. Fill boat with water to weight it down. Lash the boat securely to the trailer and use tie-downs to secure the entire unit to the ground. Strip off and remove all loose or movable accessories, let the air out of your trailer tires, and tighten the tie-downs.
  • Make sure that your boat or moorings, anchors, etc., do not block or otherwise obstruct the navigable channel or other access into the mooring or anchorage. Leave room for late arriving boats.

Last Updated: 2012-10-23