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1731 September: No documents have been located referring to storms in the Cayman Islands prior to 1731. In that year, it is recorded that the sea breached over Grand Cayman at Newlands.

1735 September: There was a storm but no details are available.

1751 August: The sea breached at Pedro, Grand Cayman.

1785 August: No written record exists from 28 August 1785, the date of the first hurricane described in any detail by Commissioner George Hirst in his Notes on the History of the Cayman Islands. Mr. Hirst got his details from oral accounts. The 1785 storm was "so terrific in its force that it tore up all except one tree at South West Point. Every house except the stone house at Pedro was blown down. A tidal wave occurred, and after the recession of the tidal wave it was possible to walk on dry land from West Bay to South West Point. Many lives were lost both by the falling of houses, trees and drowning by the tidal wave and the number of vessels lost was unknown."

1793 October: A record exists stating the population was still struggling to recover in February 1794.