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Visitors to the islands accommodated in Tourist facilities that are located on the coast and are vulnerable to the damaging effects of storm surge and wave action associated with tropical cyclones. The combination of the location of the facilities and the low availability of emergency shelter accommodations present challenges that can best be alleviated by evacuation off island for the safety and preservation of lives of our Visitors.

Visitors who are unable to evacuate may be housed in a shelter to ride out the storm. (Remember that shelters will not have the amenities of a hotel or guesthouse.) Some hotels will allow visitors to stay on the property during the storm, depending on the size and direction of the hurricane.


In cases where Hazard Management Cayman Islands feels an area is at special risk it will issue an Evacuation Order for that area. This means that all residents in that area should leave at once and go to a designated shelter or other safe location outside the evacuation area. Listen out for these orders as they could come at any time before or during the storm. Any decision to advise people to leave a particular area or areas on any of the three islands will be made by the chairman of the National Hazard Management Executive Committee (NHME) after consultations with other members of the Executive Committee and weather officials.

When the HMCI feels an area is at high risk, it will publicly notify people through the media. Then emergency services personnel will drive through neighborhoods delivering the same message on loud speakers.

If you refuse to leave when authorities recommend evacuation you will have to sign a release form. This means the authorities you will be responsible for your own safety.

Last Updated: 2013-10-13