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RSS Feed For: Hazard Management Cayman Islands

Security Council Discusses Earthquake
Issued by: Office of the Governor  11th February 2020, 5:30pm
Cabinet Approves Coronavirus Regs
Cabinet has approved the issuance of Regulations to control the entry of persons into the Cayman Islands who have a travel history to mainland China under the Public Health Law 10th February 2020, 5:21pm
Family Plan
Know you Risks, Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Stay Informed! 4th February 2020, 5:09pm
Regional Tremors Continue
Most of the earthquakes being experienced are small events in the 4 M range and are not being felt by residents 3rd February 2020, 10:15am
Coping with Post Earthquake Stress
Join Dympna Carten to find out more 31st January 2020, 5:55pm
Coronavirus Advisory
Travellers coming to the Caribbean from a 2019-nCoV affected country can expect to undergo entrance screening. In the Cayman Islands, surveillance has already been enhanced at all borders.  30th January 2020, 1:23pm
Limited Earthquake Damage
Following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, 28 January 29th January 2020, 10:04pm
Government Schools Reopen
All government schools to resume classes tomorrow 29th January 2020, 6:47pm
Earthquake Communications Timeline
Timeline 29th January 2020, 2:36pm
Earthquake Aftershocks
Recommended Actions 28th January 2020, 11:12pm