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RSS Feed For: Hazard Management Cayman Islands

Disaster Supply Kit
Stock non-perishable emergency supplies and a disaster supply kit.  22nd August 2016, 2:19pm
Storm Watch Lifted for Cayman
Severe Weather Alert Remains in Place 2nd August 2016, 4:39pm
Tropical Storm Earl Forms
Expected to Pass South of Grand Cayman Today 2nd August 2016, 11:36am
The wave located south of Jamaica continues to move westward. 2nd August 2016, 7:40am
TS Watch Remains in Effect for Cayman
Rain, rough seas and gusty winds expected 1st August 2016, 10:45pm
Cayman Under Tropical Storm Watch
Showers will be locally heavy at times possibly leading to flooding of low lying areas. Marine interests should seek safe harbor. 1st August 2016, 6:50pm
Severe Weather Warning
Tracking West 1st August 2016, 9:33am
Recommended Actions - Watch and Warning
Suggested actions at the 'Watch' and 'Warning' phases when a hurricane is approaching 16th June 2016, 11:00am
National Day of Preparedness
Residents are encouraged to prepare for hurricanes and other hazards. 13th May 2016, 2:41pm
Hurricane Shelter Volunteers Needed
The Shelter Operations Sub Committee of the Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) is actively seeking volunteers to serve as Shelter Managers and District Representatives in the event of a disaster. The responsibilities of these roles are outlined on the enclosed information sheets. 18th April 2016, 10:21am