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His Excellency the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy

I can't overstate my appreciation, and on behalf of the country I thank you

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy

Published 1st August 2005, 2:55pm

Even under the threat of Hurricane Emily, more than 100 people recently completed two days of training, in preparation for manning district shelters as shelter wardens and support staff. One highlight of the sessions was His Excellency the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddyís presentation of special certificates to participants.

Also attending the opening ceremony were Mrs. Emma Dinwiddy; NHC Chairman Donovan Ebanks, Deputy NHC Chairman Kirkland Nixon; Chairman, Essential Relief Services, Deanna Lookloy, and her assistant Deborah Webb.

Congratulating veteran and new volunteer wardens, the Governor said, "I was enormously impressed and I heard some incredible stories about how wardens and volunteers kept those in the shelters safe during Ivan. I canít overstate my appreciation, and on behalf of the country I thank you. Itís an enormous tribute to you all that so few lives were lost. Thank you for the terrific work you did, and Iím glad that youíre back - and with many new volunteers."

Mrs. Lookloy and her staff conducting the training exercise, which covered areas such as operating the massive generators and maintaining links with the network of related services - from communications and health to security. The participants also heard lectures and shared practical experiences.

In his remarks to the group, the NHC Chairman said, "Itís a pleasure to be amongst the fraternity of those with this calling. We have some inner feeling that tells us to care for others in emergencies, and not think only about our own safety. By virtue of these acts, you epitomize those characteristics, and the NHC extends its gratitude for what you have done."

Referring to the experiences of the past year, Mr. Ebanks added that the country is blessed in that most residents have now experienced or faced natural disaster, and therefore know what to do in the future.

"Use what you know," he concluded: "I am extremely grateful for your commitment to this important role. It is very reassuring to know that you will be there."