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Published 31st May 2006, 4:34pm

You're ready to shutter your home. You've bought and stored food and water. You have a backup plan, a place to stay if you can't stay at home. There's another thing you can do to ensure that you're ready for the 2006 storm season.

Register to receive emailed storm alerts from the National Hurricane Committee (NHC). You can have the latest messages emailed from the NHC to your PC or Blackberry.

Registration is available on CaymanPrepared. Go to the website and under Resources, click on Email Alerts. To subscribe, add your email address to the mailing list. (If you ever want to remove your email address from the list, just send another email.)

A storm generally spends three days in the Cayman area. During that time, you could receive 18-25 messages. These will include updates as the NHC declares the storm phases (Alert, Watch, Warning and All Clear); notices about schools, the port and government offices; and reminders about where to go on the web to access information about the kinds of things that should be done to prepare.