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Planning ahead will help reduce the stress we all face when an emergency situation occurs

Passport Officer Janice McLean

Published 23rd June 2006, 9:27am

The Hurricane season is here. All residents are reminded that they should check their travel documents now to ensure that they are in order. This is important for everyone that decides to leave the islands due to hurricane conditions. It is critical to remember that travel documents cannot be issued if weather conditions dictate the closure of government offices.

"Planning ahead will help reduce the stress we all face when an emergency situation occurs," explains Passport Officer Janice McLean.

Passports, and other documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, Naturalisation certificate, Registration certificate, Caymanian Status certificate and Permanent Residence certificate, should be kept together in waterproof bags or containers in a secure place which is easily accessible in emergency situations.

Assuming individual responsibility and planning in advance are key aspects of hurricane season preparation. Proper records management in homes and offices does much to minimize damage and loss and also prevents the problem of trying to contact officials in an emergency.

Deputy Chief Secretary for Internal and External Affairs Donovan Ebanks says, "Passport Office staff, are just like everyone else in the community, with families and homes to secure. They cannot be required to endanger themselves to facilitate those who have failed to take necessary steps to secure their travel documents ahead of their time of travel. It is therefore wise to be prepared."