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Published 15th August 2007, 3:13pm

Tropical Storm Dean, currently in the Atlantic Ocean, is a good reminder that we are in the midst of hurricane season. Be in the know when a storm approaches and sign up for the National Hurricane Committee's free text alert system through Ktone. "It's easy and it's free," says Ktone Manager Neil de Vere. "The NHC chose to use the Ktone system as it enables the Committee to deliver hurricane warnings and updates immediately from the live system. The NHC controls the system which means no waiting; cell phone users receive text messages fast." Signing up is simple and can be done by logging onto, or by calling Ktone on 945-8663. Last year the NHC delivered hurricane updates to 2504 users through Ktone's service and is looking to expand the numbers for this season. Commenting on this service NHC Chairman Donovan Ebanks remarks: "Ktone allows the NHC access to the people of Cayman when the Committee needs it, morning, noon, night and weekends, helping improve NHC efficiency. It certainly helps lessen some of that anxiety brought by the approach of a tropical storm or hurricane by keeping people informed." Mr de Vere encourages everyone with a cell phone to sign up for the NHC alerts: "It is extremely important when there are severe weather conditions that everyone is aware of how the situation is unfolding, and if there is any breaking news the people of Cayman have the information as soon as possible which increases their time to prepare for what is ahead. "The only reliable form of communication that worked during and after Ivan was text messaging. Therefore, the most important device to have during hurricane season is your cell phone which will connect you directly to the NHC committee at all times. "Working together with the NHC, Ktone can help compliment the effectiveness of the service the Committee provides to Cayman. We are very pleased to be able to offer this method of communication for the second year running and hope that eventually all of Cayman will be able to receive these valuable NHC alerts."