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Published 30th April 2007, 1:39pm

HAZARD MANAGEMENT CAYMAN ISLANDS CONSULTANCY NOTICE PRELIMINARY VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS BACKGROUND The Cayman Islands Government has recently launched a new agency to manage all hazards which threaten the country. Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) is tasked with the responsibility of mitigating, preparing for, responding to and guiding recovery from the impacts of hazards and disasters. HMCI is desirous of undertaking a multi-hazard vulnerability assessment for the Cayman Islands. OBJECTIVE OF CONSULTANCY To undertake a multi-hazard vulnerability assessment for the Cayman Islands and to develop Terms of Reference for A Quantitative Risk Assessment for the C.I. SCOPE OF WORK a) Identify the hazards, natural and man-induced, to which the islands are exposed, using historical and recent data and information. b) Rank these hazards in order of priority for hazard management. Criteria used must be clearly stated and justified. c) Identify critical facilities, infrastructure, resources and population centres vulnerable to these hazards, and indicate level of vulnerability. e) Prepare Terms of Reference for a Quantitative Risk Assessment of the Cayman Islands. INPUTS Hazard Management Cayman Islands will provide office space, access to office equipment while consultant is in-island as well as access to relevant documentation. DELIVERABLES A draft report outlining findings of the assessment. A final report incorporating feedback from HMCI on the draft report. A map(s) displaying results of the preliminary vulnerability assessment. Reports and maps to be made available in soft and hard copy. The consultant will be required to meet with a technical working group at the start of the assignment to discuss approaches and methodology to be used. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The Consultant should have:

  • Post-graduate qualification in hazard or risk management and vulnerability assessment
  • Five years experience in vulnerability assessments
  • Proven ability to meet objectives and deadlines
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION Proposals must be submitted by May 16, 2007. Submit sealed technical and financial proposal to: Mailing Address: THE DIRECTOR HAZARD MANAGEMENT CAYMAN ISLANDS P.O. Box 10345, KY1-1003 Grand Cayman Delivery Address: THE DIRECTOR HAZARD MANAGEMENT CAYMAN ISLANDS The Corporate Centre, 2nd Floor 27 Hospital Rd. Grand Cayman Enquiries for clarifications to: