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Published 17th August 2007, 6:50pm

Message by Leader of Government Business, the Hon. D. Kurt Tibbetts: Within the next 48 hours, Hurricane Dean is predicted to pass directly over the Cayman Islands. Forecasts also indicate that the storm will have increased to a category four rating by the time we begin experiencing its effects. This is not reason to panic; it is the time for you to review personal or family disaster preparedness plans, if you have not already done so. I would also encourage you to ensure that you have all your supplies and that all necessary preparations have been made. This is a system with a wide reach, with hurricane force winds extending outwards 25 miles from the centre and tropical storm force winds up to 185 miles from the centre. This breadth must give us cause for much concern. I therefore at this time implore all visitors and residents to take every possible precaution. Residents who are hosting overseas families and friends are advised to give early consideration as to suitable accommodations for weathering the forecast hurricane system. It is important that these decisions are made early enough for other options to be pursued successfully. Remember; shelters should be a last resort since space is very limited. The important thing, however, is not to wait until the last minute before putting safety plans into operation. There is still a window of opportunity to complete last minute preparations. I urge you all to use this time to the best effect. This is a very dangerous hurricane and we anticipate that it will strengthen, so continue to monitor the situation closely through local media and the CaymanPrepared website. Let us all do everything possible to be safe throughout this period, and let the nation pray for God's hand to guide us safely through the days ahead.