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Published 30th May 2007, 12:14pm

THIS IS AN EXERCISE. The National Hurricane Committee has issued an Alert for Hurricane Stuart. Residents and visitors are reminded that the Emergency Powers Law, as amended in 2005 and revised in 2006, allows the Governor to declare an area to be unsafe and to order the area evacuated. The Law also stipulates fines and prison terms for those committing offences. For example, after the Governor issues an order, anyone entering the unsafe area, or refusing to evacuate, is guilty of an offence. On conviction, the offender may be fined between $200 and $2000, or sentenced to two years in prison, or both. Once an area has been declared unsafe and evacuated, a person must have proper authorization to enter the area. Proper authorization is issued by, or on behalf of, the Governor or the Commissioner of Police. Without authorization, anyone found in the area or anyone attempting to cross a police checkpoint is guilty of an offence. On conviction, the offender is liable to a $2000 fine and six months in prison.