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Published 7th June 2007, 3:32pm

If you want to learn more about hurricane preparedness, visit the National Hurricane Committee's (NHC) booth at the Island Living Show, from 22 - 23 June at the Family Life Centre on Walkers Road. The NHC will have informational brochures, giveaways and staff at hand to answer your questions concerning this year's hurricane season. "We are looking forward to this year's show," said NHC Chairman Donovan Ebanks. "Last year we had great response to the NHC booth - it was very helpful for the public. I would especially advise new residents to attend." Various NHC members - from the Meteorological Service; the Department of Children and Family Services; Health Services; Search and Rescue; Royal Cayman Islands Police Service; and Government Information Services - will be available to answer enquiries in relation to hurricane forecasts and preparedness. Various topics, covered through pamphlets and brochures, include what items to take to a shelter; what to do before, during and after a storm; tips on preparedness; and which supplies to gather for hurricane season. "Officials with the NHC, and Hazard Management Cayman Islands, urge the public to start preparations before the season starts. Visit the NHC booth at the Island Living Show to get a supplies starter kit - with small items such as a first aid kit; a copy of the NHC's hurricane kit; and to speak with someone about your preparedness plan," continued Mr Ebanks. "Don't wait until a storm is approaching the Cayman Islands to get ready."