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Published 11th November 2008, 6:40pm

The Water Authority would like to reassure residents of Cayman Brac of the quality of water being distributed from the reservoirs. In spite of the significant amount of damage in the Brac, our pipelines have not been damaged and we have been able to maintain an excellent standard of water being held in our reservoirs which is safe and potable for all to use. However, the Authority can only ascertain the safety of water up to the customer's meter or up until it is loaded into the cistern/ holding tank. It is important that all persons using water from cisterns, wells and holding tanks ensure that all water is properly treated prior to consumption. We therefore recommend that all water be boiled before drinking and or treated with 3 drops of household bleach per gallon or 3 ounces of household bleach per 1,000 gallons to ensure continued safety. As the process of rebuilding continues in the Sister Islands, the Water Authority will continue to issue reminders and health advisories as required. For more information, contact Water Authority Cayman Islands Customer Service Manager Joanna Welcome-Martinez at 345-938-7001.