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Published 14th November 2008, 8:30am

From Hazard Management Cayman Islands' Joint Communications Services Thursday, 13 November 8:00 p.m. A total of 318 buildings on Cayman Brac and 27 on Little Cayman have received planning approval for electrical reconnection. Director of the Planning Department Kenneth Ebanks reported that 894 (75 per cent) of the approximately 1200 buildings on Cayman Brac and 101 (49 per cent) of the 205 buildings on Little Cayman have been inspected. Eight planning teams are in the Sister Islands carrying out life safety and damage assessment. The teams, working in conjunction with Cayman Brac Power and Light, the Public Works Department, Water Authority and the Sister Islands Planning Office, are checking if buildings are structurally sound as well as on the electrical and plumbing systems. Inspection Progress Report Cayman Brac:

  • There are seven teams on Cayman Brac
  • A total of 894 buildings have been inspected to date, with 36 per cent cleared for reconnection
  • An average of 40 buildings per day are inspected
  • The teams are working west from Spot Bay and east from West End
  • There is also a team on the Bluff
  • The teams expect to complete inspections by Saturday,15 November
Little Cayman:
  • There is one team on Little Cayman
  • A total of 101 or 49 per cent of the 205 buildings on LC have been inspected
  • Some 27 per cent of those buildings inspected have been cleared for recon