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Published 16th November 2008, 11:33am

Hazard Management Cayman Islands’ Joint Communications Services

  1. Tremendous progress -- Cayman Brac Power & Light has completed all high voltage work on the northeast side of Cayman Brac and in the area by the old police station. Completion of eight miles of high voltage work means that the company can expedite reconnecting customers. In four days, Cayman Brac Power & Light hopes to have 60% of its Cayman Brac customers reconnected. Cayman Brac Power & Light has been working on both the east and west sides of Cayman Brac. Homes and buildings on the east side from Watering Place to the Bluff Road have been reconnected if the building has been inspected and approved. The airport has not yet been connected but it should be by tomorrow (Monday).
  2. A large voluntary contingent will be on Cayman Brac today to assist the departments of Environmental Health and Agriculture with the clean-up effort.
  3. Little Cayman
    • Cayman Brac Power & Light completed the Island’s high voltage work and electricity should be restored to the Beach Resort by today (Sunday).
    • The tanker arrived with gasoline.
    • Another damage and needs assessment team will make a visit to the Island tomorrow (Monday).
    • Minister for District Administration, the Hon Kurt Tibbetts, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Kearney Gomez, and Cabinet Secretary Orrett Connor visited Little Cayman yesterday (Saturday) and brought additional supplies.
  4. The Water Authority plant on Cayman Brac has power and has resumed production. Cayman Brac residents may call to have water delivered; however, the truck must be able to access the tank, and residents should ensure that any water already in the tank has not been contaminated. Any contaminated water should be drained and the tank cleaned before taking delivery of fresh water. Water is also still available at Aston Rutty’s distribution centre.
  5. Electric pole damage: Cayman Brac Power & Light reports it had to replace 252 broken poles on Cayman Brac and 138 on Little Cayman. The company salvaged 40 poles on Cayman Brac.
  6. HMCI reports that the number of people coming to the distribution center for relief supplies has begun to taper off. 367 families received supplies on Monday (10 November). Yesterday, (Friday, 14 November) 139 families received supplies. These numbers refer only to those who came to the distribution center. Deliveries to the elderly and others who couldn’t come to the distribution center are not included in these figures.
  7. The Aston Rutty Centre is now the only open shelter. The number sheltering there has been dropping on a nightly basis; 83 people spent the night Friday. This includes the residents of the Kirkconnell Community Care Centre.
  8. Transitioning from relief to recovery - the nature of Government’s efforts on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are changing. As people move back into their homes and as businesses reopen and services are restored, the needs of the residents change. The Command Centre expects very soon to begin asking for assistance in sourcing building materials.
  9. The Command Centre has moved to the Bodden & Bodden law offices. All agencies involved in the relief and recovery operations on the Brac should note that there is a briefing at 10am on Monday at the Command Centre’s new office.