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Published 9th November 2008, 2:42pm

From Hazard Management Cayman Islands' Joint Communication Service Logistics and Sister Islands Relief Initial public response to the Sister Islands has been impressive on Grand Cayman, with relatives, friends and concerned citizens all wanting to take part in assisting those who have been so devastated by Hurricane Paloma. However, it is vital to understand that the logistics of any relief effort must be organized and coordinated if the aid is to successfully reach the destinations and persons who need it most. Government is currently coordinating the relief effort, to ensure that urgently needed goods receive priority at the airport. A distribution centre is being established as soon as possible, but before this can happen, the Brac's airport runway must be cleared during the daylight hours and crews must be on hand to arrive to help distribute, etc. "Because we went through Ivan, we are all greatly concerned about the welfare of the Sister Islands. But we also know from Ivan that the response needs to be coordinated, so that the urgent needs are taken care of first. We must guard against the limited transport capacity being used for things that are not critically needed at this time," said Deputy Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks. The public is therefore urged to comply with the following guidelines when preparing donations:

  • Know the items that you could possibly donate, have them ready, and stay tuned to media announcements telling you when and where you can drop them off.
  • At this point, DO NOT BRING THOSE ITEMS to any advertised delivery point such as the Harbour House Marina. Instead, wait until there is an official government announcement identifying what goods are needed, and where people should deliver them.
  • BUT, if your family on the Sister Islands has asked you to send essential, non-perishable supplies specifically for them, go ahead and deliver them to the Harbour House Marina (or any other advertised delivery point).