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Published 24th July 2009, 4:52pm

The Passport and Corporate Services (PCS) Office urges everyone to ensure that official documents are always secured and current - during the hurricane season and beyond.

Residents are especially reminded to check that family travel documents are in order. "Advance preparation is critical during hurricane season," said Head of Passport & Corporate Services Mrs. Janice McLean.

"This is so important for those who decide to leave the Islands because of a storm or any other emergency.

"Residents must remember that travel documents cannot be issued when the PCS or other government offices close due to inclement weather or on weekends and holidays."

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Kerry Nixon agreed. "Planning ahead helps reduce stress during an emergency," she said.

"Therefore, while PCS staffers accommodate emergency medical travel demands, residents should periodically check their documents to ensure that they are valid for routine or other emergency travel."

Emphasizing the importance of precautionary measures during hurricane season Mrs. Nixon added, "PSC employees must also secure their families and homes. They cannot be expected to endanger themselves to facilitate persons who neglect to ensure that their travel documents are in order. It is wise to be prepared."

Persons travelling to the United States are also advised to pay careful attention to the following:

  • Holders of Cayman Islands or United Kingdom passports with a US visitor's visa may travel to the US on commercial, charter or air ambulance flights.
  • Holders of Cayman Islands passports without a US visitor's visa must obtain a US visa waiver from the Passport Office to travel to the US on commercial or air ambulance flights.
  • Holders of UK passports without a US visitor's visa but with an approval from the Electronic System for Travel Authorization may travel to the US on commercial flights only.
  • Holders of Cayman Islands passports should ensure that the passports are valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure from the US.

Residents travelling elsewhere should also know and comply with the travel requirements of respective destinations. For example, anyone holding a Caymanian passport who intends visiting Jamaica must first obtain a visitor's visa for that island.

Document Security

Passports and other critical documents such as birth and marriage certificates, naturalisation and registration papers, Caymanian Status and Permanent Residence certificates, should be kept together in waterproof bags or containers. They should be stored securely in a place that is easily accessible during emergencies.