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Published 4th November 2009, 2:52pm

The Cayman Islands Weather Service has confirmed that the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, Florida is issuing advisories on Tropical Depression # 11. Which at 1 pm was located near 11.8 N 82.3 W or 65 miles southwest of San Andres. The depression has maximum sustained winds near 35 mph and is moving towards the west to northwest near 7 mph. The forecast indicates that the system will strengthen to a tropical storm later this afternoon as it moves towards Nicaragua. The system will move over Nicaragua and weaken Friday. THIS SYSTEM POSES NO IMMEDIATE THREAT TO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WILL CONTINUE TO MONITOR ITíS PROGRESS. Hurricane Season is Not Over. Residents should remain in high state of preparedness. Towards the end of the hurricane season systems can develop to the south of Cayman reducing the amount of time for immediate preparedness. Therefore it is important to remain vigilant and continue to conduct and review your preparedness activities and planning. Ensure that your emergency stock is adequate and items have not expired; check that your shuttering material is in good condition and accessible; make sure that your family plans are current; and ensure that generators are functional. Create a preparedness check list of activities and items for home, business or family. This check list should include the activities that you do before, during and after a hurricane. If you donít have one you can find a copy at Check List. Statistically, the area with the highest risk for late season major hurricanes is the Western Caribbean. Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) are currently 0.5 - 1.5įC above average in our area so there is still plenty of fuel for a major hurricane to form. If you plan ahead the process of preparing for a hurricane is a lot more manageable. Check out the Cayman Prepared website and locate the family disaster plan to assist you with readiness. Tropical Depression # 11