Flood Water

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Published 28th September 2010, 2:10pm

Road networks are still flooded and Hazard Management is asking motorists to drive with extra caution. Standing water poses a risk, particularly when driven through at speed. Heavy rainfall can cause deep pockets of water to accumulate making roads impassable. Remember if you have to drive through flood water proceed with caution. Maintain a very slow, steady speed. Flooded roads could hide significant potholes. Be especially vigilant when driving at night.

Accumulated flood water may cause houses, businesses and parking lots to be affected. If you live in a low lying area and your home is prone to flooding consider elevating items. A fairly effective, quick and cheap strategy for preserving property in a flood is to raise items such as furniture and appliances up on concrete blocks. A couple of feet may be all that is needed to keep property safe.

There is a possibility that flood waters are contaminated with sewerage. This water may contain viruses and bacteria. Donít risk consuming anything that is contaminated by flood waters as it may result in serious illness.

Stagnant water may encourage the hatching of mosquitoes. Practice preventative measures; empty and remove outdoor receptacles that can accumulate water for mosquito larvae and purchase effective repellant (with Deet).

Humidity and moisture may encourage the growth of mould. If your property is flooded remove all wet materials as soon as possible after the rain stops. Moist materials provide an ideal environment for the growth of mould and other microorganisms. It is important to use disinfectant to kill any germs, mould and harmful bacteria. Care must be used with chemical cleaning agents. Never mix bleach with anything but water. Mixing bleach and Lysol (Pine sol) can produce highly toxic fumes such as chlorine gas. Wear rubber boots, mask and rubber gloves while cleaning. Wash hands and face often with soap.