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Published 28th September 2010, 1:32pm

Tropical Depression #16 will cause disruptions this afternoon to government services. Some government employees will be allowed to leave early to either pick their children up from school or secure their homes. Shortly after noon the Acting Deputy Governor, the Hon. Franz Manderson, sent an email to all government employees saying that government schools would close at 1:00pm. The message also told employees that they were allowed to leave and collect children from school and remain at home with them if they have to. Since flooding is expected in low lying areas, the Acting Deputy Governor, in addition, said that staff living in flood prone areas may also leave work to secure their homes. However any leave must be done with the approval of the employee’s Head of Department. Staff who are not affected should remain at work. These decisions were made at an emergency Cabinet meeting. Cayman’s National Weather Service said that rain will become increasingly heavy this afternoon and recommended closing schools early. HMCI will provide additional information on tomorrow’s school and government office situation in today’s 6pm bulletin. Government urges the public to listen for updates on the radio or view websites like CaymanPrepared.