Cayman Prepared Gets an Overhaul

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Published 10th August 2012, 10:19am

Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) has a new website and has added a presence on the social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. The website is still located at; but the look and feel of the site has been improved and new information has been added.

Awareness Officer Simon Boxall explained: “One of the things that we are really pleased about, is that we can now make changes to virtually any portion of the Cayman Prepared website ourselves and that enables us to get content up quicker and we can be more responsive. In the past we were limited to a very small portion of the site where we could upload information, and we were often dependent on third parties to assist. I want to say a big thank you to Alistair Harper, Greg James, David Elms and others at Computer Services who worked closely with HMCI on the redesign.”

HMCI Director Mr. McCleary Frederick added: “Obviously when the Cayman Islands is threatened by a tropical cyclone, local residents have a tremendous interest in up-to-date information that is specifically tailored to the local environment; we have a small team of only six staff at HMCI and out of that number only two members of the team are specifically tasked with public awareness and preparedness issues. It can be quite demanding to meet the expectations of the media and the general public. In addition to Cayman Prepared website, information is now available on Twitter and Facebook. The new website will certainly make our job easier and more efficient and improve our service delivery to the public.”

In addition to the website and various public awareness and outreach duties, the Deputy Director for Preparedness and the Awareness Officer are also involved in Community Emergency Response Team training, they also provide hazard awareness seminars and conduct drills at Government agencies, schools, civic organisations and for the private sector. “The website is an important tool in HMCI public awareness strategy which also includes brochures, displays at special events, TV, radio and print media. We recognize that the way people access information has changed; as result HMCI is working to evolve and to keep pace.”