Press Releases 2013

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Severe Weather Bulletin No: 1
Active Stationary Front over Cayman area could cause additional flooding. 28th November 2013, 4:30pm
Donít Discard your Disaster Supplies Kit
Hurricanes are not the only threat 27th November 2013, 4:46pm
United Nations International Day for Disaster Reduction
Living with Disability and Disasters 14th October 2013, 1:11pm
Shelter Management Training in Cayman Brac
Sixteen people took part in the training  14th October 2013, 1:04pm
HMCI and OFTEL Merge
The transition has been seamless and all OFTEL services are available. 3rd October 2013, 5:17pm
Severe Weather Bulletin Number 3
The Cayman area could receive about 1 inch over the next 24 hrs leading to the flooding of low lying areas.  2nd October 2013, 8:17am
Severe Weather Bulletin No: 2
Showery conditions with periods of heavy thunderstorms expected 1st October 2013, 5:00pm
Severe Weather Bulletin No 1
Flooding of low lying areas expected 1st October 2013, 1:14pm
Statistical Peak of Hurricane Season
Cyclone Activity Expected to Increase 10th September 2013, 5:07pm
Flood Warning Discontinued
Cloudiness and rainfall associated with Tropical Wave decreases considerably 12th July 2013, 10:55am
Flood Warning Bulletin No: 1
Strong Tropical Wave will move through the Cayman area from Tonight. 11th July 2013, 7:11pm
Weather Bulletin No: 4 - Tropical Storm Chantal
Tropical Storm Chantal has degenerated into a tropical wave but could still produce heavy rains and gusty winds.  10th July 2013, 4:20pm
Weather Bulletin No: 3 - Tropical Storm Chantal
Chantal appears to be weakening. 10th July 2013, 10:29am
Weather Bulletin No: 2 - Tropical Storm Chantal
Tropical Storm Chantal Enters the Eastern Caribbean 9th July 2013, 7:50pm
Weather Bulletin No: 1 - Tropical Storm Chantal
Tropical Storm Chantal enters the eastern Caribbean. Tuesday July 09th, 2013. 9th July 2013, 4:33pm
HMS Lancaster Visit
The warship can offer humanitarian aid and disaster relief support to Cayman Islands and other Overseas Territories 21st June 2013, 10:17am
The Premier's Hurricane Season Message 2013
Take the risks posed by the storm season seriously. Do not be complacent. 31st May 2013, 4:34pm
Governorís 2013 Hurricane Season Message
Anticipate an Active Hurricane Season 31st May 2013, 4:24pm
National Day of Preparedness Message
Deputy Governor, the Honourable Franz Manderson 17th May 2013, 4:14pm
National Day of Preparedness
Get your preparedness kit together! 24th April 2013, 4:41pm
Relief Shelter
In a mass casualty event or major emergency or aircraft crash, it is normal practice to have a site set up at the location to coordinate the incident.  11th March 2013, 10:33am
U.K. Government Donates Disaster Relief Supplies
Tarpaulins, water containers and other items included in the stores. 10th January 2013, 4:09pm