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The tent can be assembled by two people in less than an hour.

Published 11th March 2013, 10:33am

Hazard Management Cayman Islands recently acquired 3 tent structures that can be rapidly deployed in the field following a natural or man-made disaster.

The tents could potentially serve a number of different functions including as an Incident Command Post / Emergency Operations Centre, an ‘on-scene’ medical triage area or other general work facilities. The tent can be assembled by two people in less than an hour. HMCI staff erected one of the tents to familarise themselves with the setup process in the event they are needed for rapid deployment.

The tents also provide an alternative for relief shelters and are available on short notice from the suppliers.

In a mass casualty event or major emergency or aircraft crash, it is normal practice to have a site set up at the location to coordinate the incident. The ‘on scene’ operations centre does not replace the NEOC (National Emergency Operations Centre), which continues to operate out of the main Fire Service Facility on Airport Road. In a major event or disaster situation, overall coordination and management of the response mechanism takes place through the NEOC. 

The tents are 13’x13’ (169 square feet). From the ground to the highest point is 10' with a leg height of 6'8" with 30" x 10' with mesh windows on three sides. The front has a roll up 30" wide door and two 30" x 30" mesh windows with cover flaps that fasten down with Velcro.