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Left to Right: Natasha Morgan, Jill Ebanks, Kearney Gomez, Charmaine Answer, Orville Lyle

Published 25th June 2014, 11:57am

Five lucky winners walked away with Preparedness kits following a draw on live television in June. The kits were donated by Kirks Home Centre, Progressive Distributors, Cox Lumber Company, A.L. Thompsonís and Uncle Bills. Items in the kits included: collapsible water containers, flashlights, canned food, first aid kits, batteries, propane stoves, battery operated radios and many other items.

Past experience has shown that basic services such as electricity, piped water can be disrupted following an impact from a natural disaster or other significant event, and businesses such as gas stations, supermarkets and banks may take some time to get back online. Faced with this reality, residents are strongly encouraged to gather items so they can be self-sufficient for at least three days and preferably a week. An emergency supply kit should be part of every household.

Over the course of a month, staff from Hazard Management emphasized the importance of taking personal responsibility for achieving this minimum level of readiness Ė the establishment of a preparedness kit. Hundreds of residents met with HMCI staff at the hardware stores on Saturdays and discussed their level of readiness for threats such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Some of the residents who did not experience Hurricane Ivan, were not fully appreciative of the potential ferocity of a major hurricane; they were able to ask questions and discuss their level of family preparedness, including their plans for sheltering or evacuation.

National Day of Preparedness is celebrated each year in the Cayman Islands on Discovery Day. HMCI has now worked in partnership with Kirks Home Centre, Progressive Distributors, Cox Lumber Company, A.L. Thompsonís and Uncle Bills for several years in an effort to raise the profile of preparedness, especially at the onset of the hurricane season. In addition to providing an opportunity for people to win an emergency preparedness kits donated by the stores, HMCI visits the various locations equipped with information about the full range of hazards that the Cayman Islands is vulnerable to, including earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. HMCI also offers hazard awareness presentations for Government agencies, schools and businesses. For more information or to request a presentation please contact HMCI at 945-4624.