Press Releases 2015

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Eleven Years since 6.8 M Earthquake
Cayman is in a seismically active area 14th December 2015, 4:02pm
CERT Challenge
Teams went head to head in a number of skills and disciplines such as Fire Safety and Suppression, CPR and First Aid. 25th November 2015, 9:13am
Tremor South of George Town
5.8 Magnitude approximately 100 miles South of Grand Cayman. 16th November 2015, 10:32am
Disaster Response Training
First Responders Trained in Incident Command Systems and Mass Casualty Management. 12th November 2015, 3:02pm
Ivan's 11th Anniversary; Remembering the Lessons Learned
Gusts of 220 mph 11th September 2015, 11:32am
Strong Interest for the Establishment of CERT in Prospect
Sixty Residents Attended the Initial Meeting 11th September 2015, 10:07am
Are You Prepared?
Do you have an Emergency Supplies Kit? 31st August 2015, 11:44am
Severe Weather Bulletin Issued for Remnants of Erika
Rainfall Models Indicate Flooding of Low Lying Areas is Possible 29th August 2015, 8:58am
Tropical Storm Erika Update
The Cayman Islands will experience an increase in cloudiness and showers from Saturday morning  28th August 2015, 5:00pm
Tropical Storm Erika
This storm currently poses no threat to the Cayman Islands 28th August 2015, 1:14pm
Navy Ship Visit
RFA Lyme Bay 16th July 2015, 4:03pm
Red Cross Shelter Opens
Reports of Homes Flooded 5th June 2015, 9:43pm
Severe Weather Alert 5 pm, 3 June.
More rain expected 3rd June 2015, 5:21pm
Severe Weather Alert
Shelters Open Following Reports of Flooding 3rd June 2015, 11:17am
National Day of Preparedness
Volunteer for a resilient Cayman, prepare for all hazards. 25th May 2015, 4:47pm
Seasonal Forecast for the 2015 Hurricane Season
Quiet hurricane season is forecast. 10th April 2015, 1:07pm
Caribbean Tsunami Exercise
Lantex 15 simulated a widespread Tsunami Warning and Watch situation throughout the Caribbean  26th March 2015, 1:22pm
Hurricane Ivan Artwork
Miss Marge Quinland made the crochet 19th February 2015, 1:45pm
HMS Severn Visit
The Captain met with HMCI Director, McCleary Frederick. 19th January 2015, 4:32pm