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Residents gather to learn more about CERT

Published 11th September 2015, 10:7am

Approximately 60 residents attended a meeting (on September 8th at the Prospect Primary School). The meeting was held in response to interest from the Prospect Community for the establishment of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As a result plans are underway to commence training for the establishment of a CERT team in Prospect.

HMCI presented an outline of the program and the training sessions to the residents. The residents of Prospect are planning to reassemble at the Seafarers Hall on October 5th and at that meeting they will agree when the CERT training will begin, the location for the training and what time and day of the week etc. would be the most convenient for the majority of participants.

CERT training is free and HMCI and its partner agencies in the CERT training program (Red Cross and Fire Services) are willing to come out on nights and even weekends to deliver the modules.

It is not too late to join the training if residents are still interested. It is free and includes CPR, First Aid Fire Safety and a number of other useful and interesting components.

Over the years, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) groups have been established in North Sound Estates, West Bay, North Side and Belford Estates. On May 23rd a new CERT team was established with 26 members in Windsor Park, George Town. The volunteers from the Windsor Park community worked with Hazard Management Cayman Islands, Fire Services and the Red Cross over a period of three months to train in skills including Search and Rescue, CPR, First Aid, Shelter Operations, Fire Safety and Initial Damage Assessment.

The value of the Cayman CERT program was even apparent during torrential rainfall in early June. CERT members were able provide assistance in their communities and to report back to HMCI about the state of their communities.

The importance of disaster preparedness at the ‘grass roots’ has long been recognized as critical to increasing national resilience. One day we would like to have complete coverage across the three Cayman Islands. In the early days following a significant impact from a hurricane, earthquake or other disaster - CERT teams can provide an added layer of self-sufficiency and resilience, they know their own communities best and are usually in the best position to respond quickly.