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Moving west

Published 1st August 2016, 9:33am

Weather charts indicate that a strong tropical wave crossing Hispaniola is expected to continue to develop over the next 12-24 hrs. Satellite pictures show a large area of cloudiness associated with the system moving west at 20-25 mph. Data from the National Hurricane Center is showing winds of 40 to 45 mph in the northern section of the system. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds, perhaps to tropical storm force, are likely along the southern coast of the Dominican Republic and Haiti today. Tropical storm conditions are likely to occur over Jamaica by this afternoon or evening, and could reach the Cayman Islands overnight.

The Cayman area can expect an increase cloudiness and showers from late tonight as the wave moves into area, cloudy rainy conditions tomorrow. The Cayman area can expect 1.00 to 1.25 inches of rainfall accumulation is possible over the next 24-36 hours. This may lead to flooding of low lying areas and all residents should continue exercise caution.

Moderate to strong easterly winds and rough seas are expected through tonight, increasing thereafter. Seas will continue to be rough with wave heights of 5 to 7 feet especially along the east and south coasts. All marine interests should seek in safe harbor until further notice.

The next bulletin will be issued at 4 p.m. this afternoon.