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All Clear for Sister Is. at 11 am
Significant flooding and power outages recorded in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  27th August 2021, 10:24am
All Clear for Grand Cayman Only
Marine Warning Remains in Effect 27th August 2021, 6:05am
Tropical Storm Ida 4 am Update
The centre of Ida has passed to the NNE of Grand Cayman 27th August 2021, 4:27am
Tropical Storm Ida 11 pm Update
The centre of Tropical Storm Ida is forecast to pass very close to, or over George Town. 26th August 2021, 10:51pm
Tropical Storm Ida Update
Some strengthening still possible. 26th August 2021, 6:43pm
Tropical Storm Ida
Additional details on expected local impacts and tips will be provided shortly. 26th August 2021, 5:05pm
Cayman Prepares for Tropical Storm
Some Shelters Open from 4 pm 26th August 2021, 1:19pm
Tropical Storm Warning Issued
Tropical Storm Force Conditions likely from late tonight. 26th August 2021, 10:18am
Tropical Storm Warning
Residents should prepare for heavy rainfall, rough seas and strong wind commencing late tonight. 26th August 2021, 9:54am
Severe Weather Bulletin 2
Residents should prepare for the possibility of tropical storm conditions 26th August 2021, 7:24am
Severe Weather Bulletin
Rough Seas and Heavy Rain Forecast 25th August 2021, 12:58pm
All Clear for Grand Cayman Following Hurricane Grace
The National Emergency Operations Centre has formally issued an all clear for Grand Cayman, with effect from 6pm on 18 August 2021. 19th August 2021, 4:45pm
Grace Closes in on Cayman Area
Marine and flood warnings in effect 17th August 2021, 11:16pm
Cayman Islands Adds Hurricane Watch to TS Warning
Sustained hurricane force winds are possible but not likely. 17th August 2021, 4:53pm
Cayman Braces for Grace
Winds gusting to hurricane force are likely 17th August 2021, 2:19pm
TS Grace Update
TS Storm Grace is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane shortly after passing Grand Cayman 17th August 2021, 10:45am
Tropical Storm Grace
Some additional strengthening is forecast throughout the day. 17th August 2021, 7:12am
NHM Council Ready for Grace
Chair of the National Hazard Management Council, Acting Deputy Governor Gloria McField-Nixon urged people to implement their preparedness plans as quickly as possible. 16th August 2021, 4:51pm
TD Grace Remains a Threat
Rainfall: Sister Islands 3 to 5 inches (max 7 inches) For Grand Cayman 3 to 5 inches. 16th August 2021, 3:43pm
Cayman Islands Under TS Warning
Grace is forecast to strengthen to a tropical storm by tomorrow Tuesday afternoon.  16th August 2021, 10:43am
Shelter Options
Includes advice for persons in quarantine or who are going into quarantine in a private home 6th August 2021, 1:57pm
NOAA Issues Updated Forecast
Expectations for reduced vertical wind shear, the potential return of La Nina conditions in the months ahead and other factors, all favour increased hurricane activity. 4th August 2021, 3:32pm
TS Watch Lifted for Sister Islands
Elsa is moving away from the Cayman Area 5th July 2021, 8:36am
TS Elsa Finally Shifts to NW Track
Outer Bands of TS Elsa now affecting Sister Islands with rain and stronger breeze 4th July 2021, 10:31pm
Tropical Storm Elsa Update
Tonight: Cloudy to overcast skies with numerous showers and thunder. Showers will be heavy at times leading to flooding of low lying areas.  4th July 2021, 7:25pm
Tropical Storm Elsa
Sister Islands under Tropical Storm Watch 4th July 2021, 9:40am
Elsa now a Strong Tropical Storm
Watch Remains in Place 3rd July 2021, 4:23pm
Hurricane Elsa Update
Tropical storm force winds not expected on current path. 3rd July 2021, 9:30am
Hurricane Elsa Slightly Weaker
A Tropical Storm Watch Remains in Place for Little Cayman and Cayman Brac 2nd July 2021, 10:04pm
Hurricane Elsa 4 pm Update
A tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  2nd July 2021, 4:51pm
Tropical Storm Watch Issued for Sister Is.
Hurricane Elsa has continued to strengthen through the day, and now has maximum sustained winds of 85 miles an hour. 2nd July 2021, 1:03pm
Hurricane Elsa
The Sister Islands are likely to experience strong to possibly near tropical storm force winds with higher gusts on Monday.  2nd July 2021, 9:36am
Tropical Storm Alert Issued for Sister Islands
A tropical storm Ďalertí means that tropical storm force winds are possible in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac within 72 hours.  1st July 2021, 5:21pm
Hurricane Neo Exercise
The annual exercise tests the national response mechanism. 15th June 2021, 9:45am
MCM Training for the Sister Islands
Thirty-one individuals from a range of response agencies in the Sister Islands took part. 3rd June 2021, 4:13pm
New CERT Members Trained
These new members will join established CERTs or form the basis of new teams that will be developed in areas that are not currently represented with an established group. 26th April 2021, 1:02pm
Fire Crews Make Progress
Some variation in smoke plume and intensity still likely this evening. 25th March 2021, 6:16pm
Landfill Fire 4 pm Update
Significant Progress has been made to contain the fire. 25th March 2021, 4:38pm
Fire Crews Working to Contain Fire
Residents and businesses in the vicinity are advised to conduct their own assessment and should consider evacuating if sufficient risk or discomfort presents. 25th March 2021, 12:53pm
Landfill Fire Update
Crews working to bring the situation under control. 25th March 2021, 11:04am
Landfill Fire
More details to follow 25th March 2021, 10:31am
Brush Fire leads to University Evacuation
Smoke from the fire has led to the evacuation of the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) and the Truman Bodden Sports Stadium. 12th March 2021, 4:44pm
Caribe Wave Tsunami Exercise
CARIBE WAVE 2021 is open to everyone. Anyone interested in taking part can register using the following link ( to receive notifications during the exercise.  10th March 2021, 9:45am