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Executive Meets for CDEMA Audit
The audit considered the Cayman Islands capacity to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to and recover from both natural and man-made hazards. 21st January 2021, 2:18pm
Little Cayman Forms Hazard Response Team
Little Cayman Forms Hazard Response Team 17th November 2020, 2:35pm
Eta All Clear
Including Cayman Brac and Little Cayman 7th November 2020, 8:12pm
TS Eta Pulling Away from Cayman
Sister Islands still experiencing very strong wind gusts 7th November 2020, 1:58pm
Tropical Storm Eta Update
Torrential rain, strong gusty winds and very rough seas will affect the Cayman Islands. 7th November 2020, 8:07am
Eta 4 p.m. Update
Expected to bring tropical storm force winds to the Cayman Islands 6th November 2020, 6:13pm
NHMC Prepares for TS Eta
National response mechanism activates in response to TS Eta 6th November 2020, 6:01pm
TS Warning Issued at 10 a.m.
Heavy rain and rough seas forecast for Cayman Islands 6th November 2020, 10:56am
Tropical Depression Eta
Tropical Storm Watch in Effect 6th November 2020, 9:04am
Tropical Storm Watch
TS Eta expected to bring strong, gusty wind, torrential rain and rough seas to Cayman Islands 5th November 2020, 5:30pm
Hurricane Eta
Residents should remain prepared and monitor the progress of this storm. 3rd November 2020, 2:09pm
Tropical Storm Zeta
Nearly Stationary 25th October 2020, 3:01am
Hurricane Delta Debrief
During the meeting, it was widely noted that lessons learned and systems improved during the ongoing COVID-19 response had greatly streamlined processes for the NEOC.  15th October 2020, 11:12am
Contact Tracing Underway
Parents of all the students in the affected year group have been contacted. Each student along with their household members will be tested and will all be required to isolate in their homes  9th October 2020, 3:39pm
Student Positive for COVID19
Further results from Red Bay Primary are expected later today and will guide further decisions with respect to the school and the wider community. 9th October 2020, 12:22pm
COVID19 Supplies Received from CDEMA
The supplies were donated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Jack Ma Foundation. 8th October 2020, 1:56pm
Hurricane Delta 'All Clear'
Sever Marine Warning Remains in Effect 6th October 2020, 2:30pm
Category 4 Hurricane Delta
The National Hazard Management Council intends to lift the Tropical Storm Warning for all of the Cayman Islands and issue the 'All Clear' at 1 pm. 6th October 2020, 12:35pm
National Hazard Management Council Urges Caution
Avoid in water activity of any kind and stay away from shoreline areas 6th October 2020, 10:05am
Delta Update 2
Large waves from strengthening Delta are increasing cause for concern 6th October 2020, 12:42am
Hurricane Delta Update
The hurricane is strengthening and the track has been shifting back towards the North West closer towards the Cayman Islands 5th October 2020, 10:37pm
Hurricane Delta
Expected to pass well off to the South West of GCM, but large battering waves possible on the west coast of Grand Cayman as the hurricane moves away from the Cayman Islands toward the Yucatan Peninsula. 5th October 2020, 7:25pm
TS Delta 1 pm Update
The track of TS Delta has been shifting further south and west of Grand Cayman 5th October 2020, 3:22pm
Tropical Storm Delta
Expected to pass near or over Grand Cayman 5th October 2020, 7:50am
Potential Tropical Cyclone 26
Expected to become Tropical Storm Delta as it approaches the Cayman Islands on Monday 4th October 2020, 7:41pm
Tropical Storm Warning Issued
Tropical Storm force winds expected from tomorrow afternoon 4th October 2020, 5:02pm
Tropical Wave Getting Organized
Closely Monitor 4th October 2020, 3:26pm
Cayman Joins CDEMA
CDEMA is the regional disaster management mechanism  2nd October 2020, 1:22pm
Minor tremor off East End
No threat 8th September 2020, 10:10am
Tropical Storm Nana
Expected to track south of the Cayman Islands. Heavy rainfall possible. 1st September 2020, 12:40pm
TS Laura All Clear
The Cayman Islands is no longer threatened by Tropical Storm Laura 24th August 2020, 7:25pm
TS Laura 10 am Update
Tropical Storm Warning Remains in Effect for Little Cayman and Cayman Brac 24th August 2020, 10:37am
TS Laura 4 am Update
TS Warning Remains in effect 24th August 2020, 5:28am
TS Laura 10 pm Update
TS Laura strengthens slightly with 65 mph sustained winds. TS Warning remains in effect for the Sister Islands 23rd August 2020, 10:51pm
Sister Is. Under Tropical Storm Warning
Heavy rain, strong wind and thunder expected in the Sister Islands commencing early Monday morning 23rd August 2020, 5:14pm
TS Laura
Approaching eastern Cuba and forecast to pass north of the Cayman Islands bringing gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall. 23rd August 2020, 1:28pm
Tropical Storms Marco and Laura
Not considered a significant threat to the Cayman Islands - Monitor. 22nd August 2020, 10:27am
TD 14
Not considered a significant threat to the Cayman Islands at this time - Monitor. 21st August 2020, 10:06am
Tropical Depression Fourteen
Moving south of the Cayman Islands and could bring rain and some lightning as it tracks towards the Yucatan Peninsula 20th August 2020, 11:11am
Disturbance in the Caribbean Sea
While the threat level to the Cayman Islands from this system is considered low, residents should continue to monitor the progress of the wave as it moves west across the Caribbean Sea 18th August 2020, 2:10pm
Tropical Storm Gonzalo
Currently no threat to the Cayman Islands but residents should monitor and increase overall hurricane preparedness levels 23rd July 2020, 11:49am
Joint Communications Service Activated
Please click on the Coronavirus button below for regularly updated information 19th March 2020, 3:55pm
First Coronavirus Patient Passes
Government extends condolences to the wife and family  14th March 2020, 10:25am
Live Press Conference Covid March 13 PM
Check it out 13th March 2020, 3:41pm
Coronavirus Update on Talk Today
Update on Talk Today 13th March 2020, 12:33pm
Health City Statement
We are working closely with the Ministry of Health and Public Health officials in the containment of the COVID-19 virus in the Cayman Islands. 13th March 2020, 11:08am
First Case of COVID-19
The remainder of the samples sent for testing on Monday, 9 March came back negative today  12th March 2020, 5:53pm
Coronavirus Information Resource
Be Informed 12th March 2020, 2:28pm
No Suspected Cases of Virus at CIFEC
We are committed to keeping parents, guardians and the wider public well-informed of any developments as they arise.  11th March 2020, 6:31pm
Fire Update
Chief Fire Officer, Paul Walker QFSM, has given his approval for residents of Lakeside Apartments and Watlers Road to return to their homes.  10th March 2020, 6:06pm
Landfill Update PM
The next operational strategy meeting will take place on site at 4pm. A decision will then be made as to whether the smoke has subsided enough to safely allow Lakeside Apartments and Watler's Road residents to return home this evening.  10th March 2020, 2:38pm
Landfill Update AM March 10
More favourable weather conditions are expected today, which should aid fire officers’ efforts.  10th March 2020, 10:41am
Samples Sent for Virus Test
Medical Officer of Health, Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez assures the public that people affected are in self-isolation at home, with one in isolation at Health City.  9th March 2020, 5:20pm
Esterley Tibbetts Temporarily Re-Opened
Northbound Lanes only 9th March 2020, 4:54pm
Landfill Fire Update 2:30 pm
The situation at the site remains dynamic and nearby residents are advised to close doors and windows and monitor air conditioning units for smoke intake. 9th March 2020, 2:53pm
Landfill Fire Midday Update
School Closures 9th March 2020, 1:19pm
Cruise Cancellation
This ship has anchored in Grand Cayman in order to offload two people who are critically ill with issues that appear unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak.  9th March 2020, 1:15pm
Landfill Fire Update 9 am
Crews have worked throughout the night to contain the fire to the landfill 9th March 2020, 12:55pm
Landfill Fire Update Monday 01:30 Hrs
The Esterley Tibbetts Highway will remain closed through Monday morning and will be reassessed at midday (noon).  9th March 2020, 1:41am
Landfill Fire Update
Further updates will be provided until the fire is extinguished. 8th March 2020, 10:36pm
Shelter Open and DEH Statement on Landfill Fire
The public are advised to stay away from the smoke 8th March 2020, 7:11pm
Covid Threat Preparations Continue
For more information on COVID-19 and for guidance on how to best protect your household, please visit 6th March 2020, 9:32am
Government Activates NEOC for Covid-19 Threat
There are no suspected or confirmed cases of the virus in the Cayman Islands, however Government is anticipating the threat and planning accordingly. 3rd March 2020, 5:56pm
Security Council Discusses Earthquake
Issued by: Office of the Governor  11th February 2020, 5:30pm
Cabinet Approves Coronavirus Regs
Cabinet has approved the issuance of Regulations to control the entry of persons into the Cayman Islands who have a travel history to mainland China under the Public Health Law 10th February 2020, 5:21pm
Family Plan
Know you Risks, Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Stay Informed! 4th February 2020, 5:09pm
Regional Tremors Continue
Most of the earthquakes being experienced are small events in the 4 M range and are not being felt by residents 3rd February 2020, 10:15am
Coping with Post Earthquake Stress
Join Dympna Carten to find out more 31st January 2020, 5:55pm
Coronavirus Advisory
Travellers coming to the Caribbean from a 2019-nCoV affected country can expect to undergo entrance screening. In the Cayman Islands, surveillance has already been enhanced at all borders.  30th January 2020, 1:23pm
Limited Earthquake Damage
Following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, 28 January 29th January 2020, 10:04pm
Government Schools Reopen
All government schools to resume classes tomorrow 29th January 2020, 6:47pm
Earthquake Communications Timeline
Timeline 29th January 2020, 2:36pm
Earthquake Aftershocks
Recommended Actions 28th January 2020, 11:12pm
Aftershocks continue
Recommended actions 28th January 2020, 10:39pm
Aftershocks Continue in Cayman Region
Recommended actions during an earthquake 28th January 2020, 5:40pm
Advisory Schools Closed
Assessment Being Conducted 28th January 2020, 5:20pm
Aftershock Felt
Red Cross Shelter Opening 28th January 2020, 4:21pm
Tsunami All Clear
Aftershocks still possible 28th January 2020, 3:54pm
Threat level low 28th January 2020, 3:08pm
Earthquake Tsunami Update
Move away from shoreline 28th January 2020, 2:50pm
Earthquake and Possible Tsunami
Move away from the coast and evacuate vertically 28th January 2020, 2:23pm
DEH and CIFS Respond to Fire
DEH and CIFS working to contain the fire 24th January 2020, 12:15pm