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Published 28th January 2020, 10:39pm

Following the earthquake which occurred shortly after 2 pm today, Hazard Management is advising the following:

The Red Cross Shelter is open.

The Aston Rutty Shelter in Cayman Brac is open.

Government schools will remain closed until full assessments have been done to ensure structural integrity.

Residents are encouraged to avoid being on the roads as NRA will be conducting assessments.

The Water Authority is working to restore service but supply interruptions are likely to continue through Wednesday.

Aftershocks are likely to continue. The most recent was a 4.4 M event which occurred 35 miles off East End at 10:13 pm. So far there have been 13 aftershocks recorded in the Cayman region.

Recommended during earthquakes actions:

If inside: Duck, cover and Hold (get under a strong piece of furniture.

If outside: move into an open area away from buildings.

If in a car: pull over and wait for shaking to stop. Proceed on roads carefully due to the possibility of splits in the roadways and sink holes.

If you experience another very strong earthquake do not wait for tsunami warning notification. Immediately head away from the coast and if possible evacuate vertically.