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Strengthening is expected as it moves towards the Cayman Islands.

Published 4th October 2020, 3:26pm

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is advising that a broad area of low pressure located less than 100 miles south-southeast of Jamaica is becoming better defined, and conditions are expected to be conducive for additional development. A tropical depression is likely to form within the next 24 to 36 hours.

This disturbance is now forecast to move near Jamaica on Monday, and then pass near the Cayman Islands early Tuesday. As it moves away from the Cayman Islands a Tropical Storm could form. The Hurricane Centre has stated that interests in the Cayman Islands should closely monitor the progress of this system. Locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds are possible in the coming days. Formation chance for a tropical cyclone through 48 hours is high (80 percent).

While hurricane conditions are not expected for the Cayman Islands at this time, as a precaution, persons with vessels located on open coasts (such as SMB / GT etc) should consider getting these into safe shelter. Driving conditions on roads could become more hazardous over the coming days. Additionally, recent rainfall has caused the ground to become saturated leading to a higher probability that trees could become uprooted in strong wind gusts.

The threat level from this disturbance remains fairly low to moderate, but residents are reminded that hurricane season still has two months left to go: all residents should have a stock of non perishable food, water and a plan for sheltering - especially if their home is vulnerable to storm surge, hurricane driven waves or strong winds.

(NHC Image)