Distribution Points

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In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, central points such as shelters, schools and churches, and large parking lots were designated as distribution points, and times were announced by Radio Cayman.

For more long-term aid distribution, Disaster Assistance Centres were set-up in each district as a one-stop point where residents could go to receive information on applications for recovery grants and other recovery issues.

Disaster Assistance Centres

Depending on the severity of the disaster, Disaster Assistance Centres (DACS) may be established in the districts to provide information to residents on how to cope with recovery and access available resources.

In addition, throughout the recovery period, it's important to monitor local radio or television reports and other media sources for information about how to get emergency housing, food, first aid, clothing and financial assistance.

Direct assistance to individuals and families after a disaster event is the responsibility of the Human Concerns Subcommittee of the National Hurricane Committee. They will provide essential relief services, shelter and mass care as well as provide temporary housing. Other voluntary organizations, such as the CI Red Cross and church organizations may also provide food and supplies and assist in cleanup efforts.

In addition the Department of Children and Family Services will be available to help people in shelters or provide direct assistance to families.