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Following Hurricane Ivan (September 2004), the Government of the United Kingdom sent the following to aid its Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands:

  • 2 Royal Navy vessels that helped immediately after the storm with security, clearing the airport runway; emergency medical treatment, and water supplies;
  • 21 police officers from Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands;
  • 5000 tarpaulins;
  • 100 chain saws;
  • Water purification tablets, enough for 40,000 people for a week;
  • 39 tons of bottled water, buckets, gloves and trash bags;
  • 10,000 tetanus vaccinations; and
  • Financed members of the Bermuda Regiment's two month stay to assist with debris removal.

In addition UK Government officials came to assist and support the Islands and its Government, including the Law Enforcement Adviser for the Overseas Territories, employees of the British High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica; the former British Governor of Montserrat, and a team from the Department of International Development.